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Zap PT-04 Zap-A-Gap CA+ (Green Label) 1/4oz (Medium)

Zap PT-04 Zap-A-Gap CA+ (Green Label) 1/4oz (Medium)


Zap's most versatile product. Bonds virtually anything including wood (harder woods such as oak and plywood), veneers, rubber, leather, most plastics and oily surfaces. Gap filling qualities. Cures in 30 seconds or less. Accelerate the cure with Zip Kicker.

SKU: 5525639-1
Brand: Zap
Release Date: Oct 21, 2016
Key Features
  • Superior gap filling formula
  • Medium viscosity
  • Allow approximately 7 to 10 seconds for part positioning
  • Average of 20 seconds for curing
  • Works on oily surfacces
  • Use Zip Kicker to acclerate cure time
Product Description
Fills gaps. Works well on harder woods such as bass and spruce. It even works on oily surfaces! Some uses besides hobbies and crafts include; jewellery manufacturing and repair, taxidermy, pool cue tips, darts, archery, knife making, mold and pattern making, furniture refinishing and antique repair, and for fishing; fly line splicing and fly tying. Wood turners and manufactures of custom wood products appreciate the ability of ZAP-A-GAP CA+ to help save their projects by filling in and bonding cracks that often occur in expensive hard woods. Allows 7 to 10 seconds for positioning.

Glue Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.02kg0.04lbs
Works OnMetal / Aluminium
Ceramic / Most Ceramics
Leather / Most Leather
Metal / Most Metals
Plastic / Most Plastics
Ceramic / Pottery
Rubber / Most Rubbers
Wood / Veneer
Wood / Most Woods
Plastic / Fibreglass

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