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Seagull Nieuport 28 1/5 Scale (20cc) 1.72m (68in) (SEA-303)

Seagull Nieuport 28 1/5 Scale (20cc) 1.72m (68in) (SEA-303)


Seagull's first big WW1 bipe brings the quality and craftsmanship you'd expect in a rugged model that's certainly going to turn heads at the flying field!

SKU: 5500037
Brand: Seagull
Release Date: Jun 12, 2018
Key Features
  • Large removable top hatch provides convenient access
  • Plug-in wings (four-piece) for easy transportation
  • Designed for glow, petrol/gas or electric power
  • Pull-pull rudder system
  • Skill level - intermediate/advanced
  • Wingspan - 68in (172.7cm)
  • Length - 55in (139.8cm)
  • Wing area - 1155.7 (74.6dm²)
  • Weight - 12.8 - 13.2lbs (5.8 - 6.0kg)
  • Suggested power - 20cc - 26cc glow or petrol engine, or electric equivalent
  • Suggested electric power - 110-size outrunner, 8-9S LiPo battery, 85A ESC
What's in the Box
  • A beautiful laser-cut airframe, factory built and covered in genuine Oracover
  • Detailled cockpit with hand-painted pilot
  • Aluminium-reinforced landing gear
  • Scale-effect wheels and decals
  • Full hardware kit including engine mount and fuel tank
  • Wing transport frames
  • Full electric conversion kit with adjustable motor stand-off
  • Slide-in LiPo battery tray for easy pre-flight set-up
  • Scale Vickers guns
Product Description

Lightweight and manoeuvrable, The Nieuport 28 first flew in June 1917. It was the first fighter from the company to employ a standard two-spar wing. The streamlined fuselage was too slim for twin Vickers guns, so one has to be mounted to the fuselage side. After WW1, some went to the USA with a few entering races, albeit with shortened wings!

Seagull's model is big and beautiful with a laser-cut balsa/ply structure, expertly covered in genuine Oracover. Add some nice sport scale touches and you've a very practical model for all seasons.

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight7.40kg16.32lbs
Product Wingspan1,727.20mm68in

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