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ZTW 1:10 Beast SLL Combo with 45A ESC + 4P SL 3650B 2950Kv Motor

ZTW 1:10 Beast SLL Combo with 45A ESC + 4P SL 3650B 2950Kv Motor


SKU: ZTW410452003
Brand: ZTW
Model: Beast SLL Combo
Release Date: Feb 11, 2019
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Key Features
  • Normal Continuous Current 45A
  • Burst Current (10s) 260A
  • BEC output 6.0V/2A
  • Battery 5-10 NiMh / 2-3 Lipo
  • Power Wires 14 AWG,160mm-Red/160mm-Black
  • Motor Wires 14 AWG,160mm-Orange/Yellow/Blue
  • Signal Wires (Black/Red/White)300mm with Normal JR Male
  • Switch wire (Black/Red/White)90mm
What's in the Box
  • 1x ZTW 45A ESC
  • 1x 4P SL 3650B 2950Kv Motor

Power Set Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.40kg0.88lbs
ConnectorDeans (HCT)

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