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UHU All Purpose Power 33ml

UHU All Purpose Power 33ml


Transparent, universal power adhesive with exceptional bonding strength

SKU: UHU36810
Brand: UHU
Release Date: Feb 5, 2019
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Key Features
  • Transparent, universal power adhesive
  • Fast, super strong and elastic
  • Can be applied to one or both sides of the object to be glued (contact glueing)
  • UV and water resistant
Product Description

UHU All Purpose Power, the transparent, fast and powerful universal adhesive with exceptional bonding strength. Can be used for single-sided bonds (wet bonding) or for dual-sided bonds (contact glueing). Particularly suitable for visible joints and transparent materials. The adhesive film remains elastic, is UV resistant, and does not become brittle. Can also be used under water (e.g. for PVC foils).


Suitable for:

Universal - glues wood, wood based materials, plastics (ABS, hard and soft PVC, Plexiglas®, polystyrene, Resopal®), metal, glass, porcelain, ceramic, leather, rubber, felt, cork, fabrics, cardboard, paper, and much more. Ideal for visible glue joints and transparent materials.


Before use:

Working conditions

If possible, apply at room temperature.

Surface requirements

Materials to be glued must be clean, dry and free of dust and grease.

During use:

Directions for use

Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be glued (dry and free of dust and grease). 1-sided glueing: apply the adhesive to one side of the assembly, press together - that's it! 2-sided glueing (contact glueing): apply adhesive thinly and evenly to both parts of the assembly - porous materials possibly several times. Leave to dry. When dry to touch (after approx. 10 minutes), press the parts together briefly and firmly. Adjustments will no longer be possible after assembling.

Points of attention

Contains volatile, highly flammable solvents. Therefore, respective safety measures are to be taken regarding processing and storage. When gluing larger areas, please ensure that the work area is well ventilated.

After use:


To remove adhesive residues and clean tools, butanone (MEK), ethylacetate and thinner for nitrocellulose lacquer should be used. Adhesive residues cannot be removed from soft PVC films.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, cool and frost-free place.

Glue Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.47kg1.03lbs
Works OnABS
Hard PVC
Soft PVC

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