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Maxx with WideMaxx

Traxxas Red Maxx 1:10 4X4 Brushless Electric RTR Monster Truck (+ TQi 2-ch, TSM, VXL-4S, Velineon 540XL, WideMaxx)

Traxxas Red Maxx 1:10 4X4 Brushless Electric RTR Monster Truck (+ TQi 2-ch, TSM, VXL-4S, Velineon 540XL, WideMaxx)


SKU: TRX89086-4-RED
Brand: Traxxas
Model: Maxx with WideMaxx
Release Date: Dec 1, 2021
Spares and Manuals
Our Recommended Completion Sets
Essential 3S Setup

EZ-Peak Plus 4A NiMH/LiPo iD Charger

1x TRX2970TX £59.95 SRP
EZ-Peak Plus 4A NiMH/LiPo iD Charger

TOTAL£136.44 SRP
Recommended 4S Setup

TOTAL£238.03 SRP
Ultimate 4S Setup

TOTAL£281.89 SRP

Key Features
  • Now with WideMaxx kits installed
  • Now with expanded battery bay to accommodate 6700mAh LiPo (TRX2890X)
  • Now with 2.8" Sledgehammer Tyres
  • X-Maxx toughness in 1/10 scale
  • VXL-4s waterproof 3S-4S LiPo compatible electronic speed control with real-time telemetry via Traxxas Link
  • Velineon 540XL 4-pole 2400kV brushless motor with aluminium heat sink
  • 55+ MPH out of the box using single 4S LiPo battery (sold separately)
  • 60+ MPH with optional gearing and single 4S LiPo battery (sold separately)
  • Traxxas Stability Management with Self-Righting
  • TQi 2.4 GHz radio system
  • Clipless body mount system
  • Full-time shaft-driven 4-wheel drive with Torque-Biasing Center Drive to absorb shocks and distribute power. Includes heavy-duty Cush Drive and extreme-duty telescoping driveshafts
  • Extended modular chassis design interlocks with front and rear bulkheads for easy service and access to components
  • Extended battery tray accepts Traxxas’ largest 6700mAh 4-cell LiPo battery and is protected deep in the chassis
  • Heavy-duty steering bellcranks and servo
  • WideMaxx® double-shear suspension arms are wider for improved handling. Tough new composite formula resists impact damage, even in cold weather with double shear strength for all critical suspension points
  • GT-Maxx® machined aluminium threaded body shocks with extra-large bore and capacity
  • Tough energy absorbing front and rear bumpers with lower front and rear skids for impact and abrasion resistance
  • TSM-rated tough 2.8” wheels with keyed 17mm hex receptor and Sledgehammer® extreme tyres with 1-piece foam inserts, pre-glued and ready for action
What's in the Box
  • 1x Maxx Ready-To-Race model with Traxxas 540XL brushless motor
  • 1x VXL-4s waterproof electronic speed control with integrated telemetry
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x TQi 2.4GHz radio system
  • 1x High quality maintenance tools
Product Description

The Traxxas X-Maxx is a giant that forever changed the face of RC monster trucks. Its radical cutting-edge design, massive size, brutal strength, and unmatched power transformed X-Maxx into the stuff of legends. The 1/10 Traxxas Maxx expertly packages X-Maxx’s innovative design elements and jaw-dropping strength into a lighter, more compact, even more ferocious beast. Now the newest Maxx is even bigger, with a longer wheelbase, beefier Sledgehammer tyres, and that incredible WideMaxx stance for even more intense action. Let the fun begin!

The new Maxx on

WideMaxx from the Start

WideMaxx stance stretches the wheels out over 1.5 inches (40 mm) wider for even greater stability.

Longer Chassis

The extended chassis length now accommodates our most powerful batteries, the same 6700mAh 4-cell LiPo batteries used in the X-Maxx.

Sledgehammer Tyres

Taller Sledgehammer tires feature an aggressive open-block tread design that clears away mud and debris for unrivalled traction.

Six New Colours

Maxx makes a statement with six all-new ProGraphix clipless bodies with our brightest and boldest colour options yet.

The Maxx Experience Beauty

Maxx turns up the dial on fun with even more of what you crave. The new Maxx doubles down on strength and durability with a longer and wider stance for greater stability to match its blistering 60+ mph performance. Bury the throttle, fly through corners, and let the new Maxx turn your wildest full-throttle dreams into reality.

60+ MPH Maxx Muscle

Traxxas Velineon brushless power hits hard with massive 4s punch for an awe-inspiring 60+ mph top speed and effortless wheelies on demand. The high-output 540XL motor features a beefy 5 mm shaft, aluminium heat sink, and a powerful fan. Of course it’s all fully protected with Traxxas’ innovative waterproofing.

Traxxas Tough

Maxx is overbuilt with components found on much larger and heavier vehicles to withstand extreme punishment and intense driving action. The Maxx chassis absorbs and dissipates impact energy across the entire structure for superior strength. Huge threaded-aluminium GT-Maxx shocks with oversized shafts soak up massive jumps for high-flying fun at every turn.

Brushless Car Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight6.17kg13.60lbs
Completion LevelRTR
Age Recommendation14+
Power SourceElectric
BatteryNo Battery
Motor/EngineVelineon 540XL
ChargerNo Charger
RadioTQi 3-Channel, TSM

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