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Seagull A6M2 Zero Master Scale Kit (15cc) (67.0in)

Seagull A6M2 Zero Master Scale Kit (15cc) (67.0in)


A traditional, comprehensive, balsa and ply kit of the formidable Japanese WWII fighter

Brand: Seagull
Categories:  RC Models/Aircraft/Kits & Kits
Release Date: Jul 22, 2019
What's in the Box
  • 1x Laser cut ply and balsa parts set
  • 1x High quality hardware pack (horns, pushrods, hinges etc.)
  • 1x Engine mount and fuel tank
  • 1x Full-size plan
  • 1x Pilot figure
  • 1x Decal sheet
  • 1x Sanding block and sandpaper
  • 1x Alloy main spar
  • 1x Mechanical main retracts
  • 1x Cowling moulding
  • 1x Canopy
  • 1x Set of wing root fairings
  • 1x Main wheel set
  • 1x Drop tank moulding
  • 1x Step-by-step instruction manual
Product Description
No-one builds model aeroplanes these days out of necessity, they do it because they want to, they do it for the joy of building and the immeasurable satisfaction of creating something tangible, individual and desirable from simple raw materials. For many the process of assembling the models they fly underpins their hobby in a way that no ARTF can ever replicate. For these sturdy traditionalists Seagull has introduced a range of Master Edition kits that offer builders the opportunity to benefit from its ARTF design and development skills but with the fun bit – the build – still to do. This A6M2 Zero is just such a kit and for those who crave a bit of balsa bashing in their spare time it’s a true gift.

Lift the lid of the very full box and not only will your senses be excited by the alluring aroma of freshly cut balsa, you’ll be genuinely impressed by the quality of the parts and the overall completeness of the package. From the huge folded full-size plan, through the 84-page step-by-step instruction manual and moulded components to the comprehensive hardware pack, scale accessories and decal sheet, this is a builder’s delight through and through. Take a look at what’s included, consider your colour scheme and take this golden opportunity to create a one-off model of the formidable Japanese fighter.


Wingspan (mm): 1700
Length (mm): 1298
Total surface area (sq. in): 761
Weight (lb): 9.3

Aircraft Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Approx. Flying Weight9.3lbs
Shipping Weight8.00kg17.64lbs
Product Length1,298mm51.10in
Product Wingspan1,700mm70in
Product Wing Area49dm2761in2
Completion LevelARTF
Experience LevelIntermediate - Advanced
Recommended Usage EnvironmentDesignated R/C model flying site

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