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TRX-4 Traxx

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Brand: Traxxas
Model: TRX-4 Traxx
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Product Description

Hit the trail fully outfitted for fun and adventure with the TRX-4 equipped with Traxx. Engineered for grip everywhere and ultimate off-road capability, Traxxas elevates this truck higher and wider than any other TRX-4 model. Plus it’s factory-equipped with powerful lighting and a full array of performance parts and scale detail accessories. The fully-painted body with clear windows enhances the realism.

Rugged TRX-4 Chassis Design

The TRX-4 tramples the status quo with extreme versatility and off-road capability. Performance and technology combine in a revolutionary chassis that looks as good as it performs.

Improved Ground Clearance

Traxx add over 16 mm of ground clearance to the TRX-4. Functioning similar to portal weights, Traxx position weight down low for improved stability. The Traxx Edition also has an effectively longer wheelbase that increases the breakover angle for additional stability while climbing up steep grades.

Raised Center Driveshafts and Suspension Links

TRX-4's' radical portal axle design raises the driveshafts higher to improve axle geometry and reduce driveshaft angles. Higher driveshafts and suspension links pass over obstacles to avoid high-centering your truck and reduce overall grinding wear.

Single Speed Transmission

The single speed transmission in the Traxx Edition is already set up for most driving conditions with Traxx. Steel gears provide Traxxas-Tough durability and virtually maintenance-free operation.

Torque Twist Eliminated

On conventional rigs with the limited gear reduction in the differentials, motor torque is applied to the frame to the point of twisting you right off the rocks. The TRX-4's radical portal axle design reduces the gear ratio at the wheels, virtually eliminating torque twist through the chassis. Total axle gear reduction is over twice non-portal designs so Titan motor torque delivers smooth forward motion, not frame twist.

Locked Differentials

When negotiating a slick rock face or powering through a mud bog, traction is king. The TRX-4 comes locked and loaded with differential spools in the front and rear for ultimate grip when you need it most. Locked differentials improve flotation over soft surfaces such as sand by keeping your tracks travelling at the same speed so that a slower moving track does not dig down into the surface.

Portal Axles

Exclusive to TRX-4 models, portal axles lift the differential pumpkin to provide incredible ground clearance. This radical design also improves axle geometry and reduces strain on the driveshafts. Steel gears ensure trouble-free performance, no matter how technical the climb.

Extreme Approach Angles

The installed Traxx provides a staggering 76° approach angle in the front with an equally impressive 76° departure angle. An 81° breakover angle provides extreme capability when cresting steep hills. The longer rear Traxx drive units allow added stability on steep climbs to reduce rollovers.

Front Motor Design

The TRX-4's large 550 size brushed 21-turn Titan motor provides smooth reliable power and loads of torque to climb the toughest obstacles. The front mounted orientation moves the weight bias forward to get you up and over obstacles with improved traction.

Waterproof Metal Gear Servo

A full-metal gear digital servo gives you the durability and steering authority you need to confidently and reliably power through tough challenges.

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