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Master Airscrew
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Master Airscrew
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The Ultimate MultiRotor Propeller - Where Performance Meets Efficiency

The MR Series is Master Airscrew's newest Multi-Rotor Drone propeller series designed especially for VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) vehicles. Released in November 2016, the new propeller series combines some amazing features and capabilities setting it aside from the competition.


Having the best propulsion system with the widest lift range is a design goal of every professional or hobby drone builder. Getting an extra 10% - 20% of thrust does matters for every application. By using Master Airscrew's advanced CFD refined airfoil design they were able to achieve significantly higher maximum lift capabilities for the MR - MultiRotor propellers.


Every extra minute of flight time counts. MR Propeller Series is up to 14% more efficient than offerings of leading competitors.


Low Vibration profile – smooth, wobble-free aerial cinematography. The new MultiRotor Propeller Series is factory pre-balanced for minimum vibrations – thus addressing the problem at the source – something that no absorbers and up-scale gimbals can truly cope with. All MR propellers have exceptionally tight blade weight tolerances of less than 0.01g (0.00035oz) or better.


The MR MultiRotor Propeller Series is manufactured from GFR Polymer composite for optimal strength / flexibility ratios.

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