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Master Airscrew
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Master Airscrew
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Low-noise, high performance STEALTH Propellers for DJI Spark. A genuine upgrade for your aircraft.

Key Features
  • Low-noise quiet flight - aircraft noise is reduced with up to -3.0dB representing almost 50% noise power reduction. Lower pitch sound is less noticeable and disturbing. (Nominal values compared to DJI OEM propellers.)
  • Improved visibility - vibrant color options for better visibility and improved safety. Easier navigation with enhanced situational awareness. Perfect propeller upgrade for both beginners and professionals.
  • Extra stability - solid, non-foldable, single piece design enhance aircraft flight stability and performance. Lower micro vibrations level improve image quality and video smoothness.
  • Compatible non-foldable - "quick-release" color coded design allows you to swap propellers within seconds. Full compatibility with existing DJI Spark accessories. (Non-foldable design may require propeller removal for some storage and carrying cases. Fully compatible with propeller guards.)
What's in the Box
  • 2x CW & 2x CCW propellers
  • 1x Master Airscrew carrying pouch
  • 1x Master Airscrew logo stickers
  • 1x Recommended settings and safety instructions

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