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Multiplex Model Service Box 85500

Multiplex Model Service Box 85500


Carry out running repairs and keep flying with this comprehensive all-in-one foamie maintenance kit

SKU: MPX85500
Brand: Multiplex
Release Date: Mar 28, 2013
Key Features
  • Keeps you flying.
  • Top quality products within.
  • Great storage container for field use.
What's in the Box
  • 1x 20g bottle of Zacki Elapor CA glue
  • 1x 10g bottle of Zacki Fill Up (gap filling CA)
  • 1x 10g bottle of Zacki Super Liquid (instant CA)
  • 4x Lengths of hook and loop tape
  • 2x Plastic wing bolt sets
  • 1x Set of plastic canopy locking clips
  • 2x Replacement control horns
  • 1x Sticker set
  • 1x Cable tie set
  • 1x Retractable model knife
  • 1x Sticker sheet
  • 2x screw-lock pushrod connectors
Product Description
Hey, come on, what self-respecting model flyer in his (or her) right mind can resist the lure of a tool caddy, a flight-box or, indeed, any nifty compartmental storage solution thats backed by a quality brand? Well, you foamie flyers are in for a real treat because not only is this Multiplex Servicebox a truly desirable container, its filled with everything you need for fast repairs to high-density foam aircraft. Nestled within, then, is a 20g bottle of Zacki Elapor, Zacki Super Liquid (10g), Zacki Fill Up (10g), hook and loop tape (you can never have enough), plastic wing bolts, canopy locking clips, a retractable model knife, control horns, cable ties, screw-lock connectors and, thoughtfully, a sticker sheet (to cover the dents!).

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.26kg0.57lbs

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