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Multiplex Zacki Elapor Super Liquid 10g 592728 (1)

Multiplex Zacki Elapor Super Liquid 10g 592728 (1)


SKU: MPX592728
Brand: Multiplex
Release Date: Mar 28, 2013
Product Description

Zacki ELAPOR ® is super liquid - has been specially tuned to the bonding of ELAPOR ® and the processing of Reaktionsf°llmittels Zacki ELAPOR ® fill up - in close cooperation with a renowned German manufacturer. Of course you can use other materials to each other or stick with ELAPOR ®. As well as all other CA glue - - However Zacki is not suitable for PTFE (Tefl on ®) or silicone. Zacki ELAPOR ® is provided due to its low viscosity, especially for fine cracks and crevices. The initial adhesion is reached after 10-15 seconds - the final curing takes place within a few minutes. Due to the special recipe no kicker or activator is required.In particular, for repairs, defects in or lack of positive engagement can be reached Zacki ELAPOR ® super liquid in conjunction with the Reaktionsf°llmittel Zacki ELAPOR ® fill up (# 59 2729) gives excellent results.

Glue Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.17kg0.37lbs

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