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Multiplex Receiver RX-6-Dr Light M-LINK 2.4GHz 55809

Multiplex Receiver RX-6-Dr Light M-LINK 2.4GHz 55809


SKU: MPX55809
Brand: Multiplex
Release Date: Mar 28, 2013
Product Description

This is a small, all-purpose six-channel receiver exploiting MULTIPLEX 2.4 GHz M-LINK technology.
It is a dual receiver, featuring two complete receiving circuits operating in parallel (receiver diversity), ensuring excellent reception quality in spite of the unit's small dimensions.

The RX-6-DR light M-LINK is a particularly good choice for the smaller model as it is so light and compact. The in-line connector arrangement and compact case design make it suitable for installation in slim glider fuselages, e.g. F3B, F3J, …

  • HOLD / FAIL-SAFE function
  • Integral button and LED for Binding, FAIL-SAFE programming, RESET and operating status information


Servo channel count: 6
Reception system: 2.4 GHz FHSS
(Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)
Operating voltage: 3.5 V … 9.0 V
Power supply: 4 - 5 NiXX cells, 2S LiPo / LiIo
Permissible operating temperature range: - 20°C … + 55°C
Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 38 x 28 x 11,5 mm
Weight: approx. 10 g

Receiver Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.23kg0.51lbs

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