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Multiplex Combo HFM4 M-LINK with RX-7-Dr Light M-LINK 45653

Multiplex Combo HFM4 M-LINK with RX-7-Dr Light M-LINK 45653


SKU: MPX45653
Brand: Multiplex
Release Date: Mar 28, 2013
What's in the Box
  • 1x HFM4 M-LINK RF module
  • 1x RX-7-DR light M-LINK 7-channel receiver
Product Description

This M-LINK 2.4 GHz RF module is designed to be fitted to ROYALevo and ROYALpro series transmitters. The procedure is very simple: first you must update* the transmitter firmware by

carrying out an Internet update. To accomplish this you will need the ROYALpro DataManager PC program (free download from plus the USB PC lead, # 8 5148. The new

firmware automatically detects whether the transmitter is fitted with a conventional FM RF module or the 2.4 GHz RF module. The next step is to remove the long telescopic transmitter aerial

and the FM RF module from the transmitter. Plug in the HFM4 MLINK 2.4 GHZ RF module, and slip the 2.4 GHz aerial (connected to the module) into the aerial sleeve. This procedure integrates the new transmission technology into the transmitter without requiring any modifications, and the result is also visually attractive. The transmitter can even be converted from 2.4 GHz back to conventional transmission technology (35, 40, …MHz) at the flying field, as the procedure takes less than a minute to complete.
Set contents:

HFM4 M-LINK RF module # 4 5611

with RX-7-DR light M-LINK 7-channel receiver # 5 5810

*) If your ROYALevo transmitter is loaded with firmware version V1.xx it is essential to have it updated to V2.xx by an authorised MULTIPLEX Service Centre first! Special offers and detailed information regarding this work can be found on our website at

Receiver Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.28kg0.62lbs

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