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Multiplex RR TwinStar BL Summertime 264279

Multiplex RR TwinStar BL Summertime 264279


Supplied 95% pre-assembled there's every reason to add the evergreen TwinStar Summertime to your fleet, not least for its performance and its fabulous float option

SKU: MPX264279
Brand: Multiplex
Release Date: Jun 12, 2017
Key Features
  • Classic, commercial twin engine aircraft looks.
  • 95% prefabricated.
  • Short assembly time.
  • Pre-applied decals.
  • Suitable for FPV flying.
  • Two-piece wing for ease of transport.
  • Float option (25733061) adds to the versatility and fun.
What's in the Box
  • 1x 95% factory-built ELAPOR airframe with decals applied.
  • 1x MULTIcont BL-30 2 in 1 brushless ESC (pre-installed).
  • 1x Servo and motor wiring loom (pre-installed).
  • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
  • 2x Permax BL-0 2830-1100 brushless motors (pre-installed).
  • 2x 8x 5" propellers with aluminium domed prop nuts.
  • 4x Tiny S servos (pre-installed).
Product Description
Based loosely on a Caribbean island hopping multi engine passenger aircraft the TwinStar-BL brings a ray of sunshine to your flying field along with a performance thats been proven since the dawn of foam. Boasting a brushless power option, extremely docile, beginner-friendly flying characteristics and an aerobatic capability that nurtures advancement, this is a model that everyone can enjoy. Whats more, with a perfectly proportioned airframe layout that offers beautifully smooth well balanced flying the TwinStar BL makes an outstanding camera ship and, by virtue, a fine FPV platform. And if birds eye views dont float your boat, turning this peach of a model into a seaplane certainly will. Just look at that thing on water. How can you resist? Just add the optional float set (25733061) and the TwinStars island hopping credentials are complete. Manufactured in Germany from premium quality Elapor foam the kit comes 95% pre-fabricated offering a build time of under an hour and a satisfying fast-track route into the air. Fact: Everyone needs a TwinStar BL.


Wingspan (mm): 1420
Length (mm): 1085
Total surface area (sq. dm): 43
Weight (g): 1350

Aircraft Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight2.27kg5.01lbs
Product Length1,085mm42.72in
Product Wingspan1,420mm55.91in
Product Wing Area43dm2666.50in2
Completion LevelRR
Experience LevelIntermediate

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