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Multiplex Kit FunCub XL 214331

Multiplex Kit FunCub XL 214331


If you're in need of a model for all occasions, they rarely come more versatile than this. Glider towing, parachute and toffee dropping, water flying, and even full-house aerobatics, the FunCub XL does it all, with style and good looks

SKU: MPX214331
Brand: Multiplex
Model: FunCub XL
Release Date: Jan 23, 2016
Key Features
  • Highly pre-fabricated kit.
  • Pre-cut decal sheet.
  • Numerous supplementary functions add to the versatility and fun.
  • Remarkably aerobatic / precise flying characteristics.
  • Offset landing flaps enable steep descents and a short take-off capability.
  • Tundra tyres allow rough field operation.
  • M-frame technology' provides a robust fuselage.
  • Wing construction uses strong, lightweight carbon tubes for outstanding rigidity.
  • Superb low-speed handling.
  • Suitable for aero-towing gliders (e.g. Heron-size).
  • Separate wing panels for ease of transport.
What's in the Box
  • 1x Elapor foam fuselage components set.
  • 1x Elapor foam wings parts set.
  • 1x Elapor tail parts set.
  • 1x Elapor foam cowl.
  • 1x Elapor foam canopy.
  • 1x Tubular CFRP wing spar set.
  • 1x Laser-cut plywood fuselage parts set.
  • 1x Aluminium undercarriage unit.
  • 2x Soft tundra wheels.
  • 1x Plastic spinner.
  • 1x 5mm diameter propeller driver.
  • 1x Aero-tow release.
  • 1x Small plastic parts and linkage components set.
  • 1x Pre-cut decal sheet.
  • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
Product Description
A large multi-function high-wing aerobatic tug, that doubles as a versatile sportster cum sport aerobat, the FunCub XL boasts an incredible short take-off and landing (STOL) capability and, what's more, with its large, soft, tundra tyres it copes with any terrain, and can be flown just about anywhere. Truth is, the kit version of this all-purpose hack will not only delight you with its performance, but its high-level of pre-fabrication, too.

To fly the model you will need a minimum seven-channel radio control system, a suitable receiver, six Hitec HS-225 BB servos, the FunCub XL power set and two 3S LiPo batteries of 3200 mAh capacity. The Elapor model features some beautifully subtle detailing, including very elegant LED covers for the optional lighting system which, as you can imagine, is a real eye-catcher. Also included, as standard, is an aero-tow release and a large load bay for which a matching parachutist (# 852004) is also available. Note that if you wish to use the supplementary functions, you will need a radio control system with at least ten channels.

A series of very sophisticated design details are a distinctive feature of the FunCub XL, which sets new standards in its class. For example, 'M-frame technology' ensures an extremely robust fuselage, while strong, lightweight carbon fibre tubes do the same for the wings. The aircraft also includes offset landing flaps and struts with quick-release fittings for fast, ultra-simple rigging at the field.


Wingspan (mm): 1700
Length (mm): 1200
Req'd no. channels: 7 - 10
Weight (g): 2850

Aircraft Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight5.00kg11.03lbs
Product Length1,200mm47.24in
Product Wingspan1,700mm66.93in
Completion LevelKit
Experience LevelIntermediate

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