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Multiplex RR TwinStar ND Brushless 100911

Multiplex RR TwinStar ND Brushless 100911


Combining semi-scale looks with a flight performance to satisfy advanced beginners right up to experienced pilots, the TwinStar is pure fun in a hugely attractive package

SKU: MPX1-00911
Brand: Multiplex
Release Date: Jul 2, 2019
Key Features
  • Time-honoured, high-strength ELAPOR produces a robust airframe
  • Great commercial twin aircraft looks
  • Two-part wing for ease of transport
  • Uses a regular 3S Li-Po
  • Generous battery compartment
  • Outstanding yet forgiving flight performance
  • Assembles in minutes
  • 4-channel control - aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle
  • Attractive new colour scheme
  • Optional float set available
What's in the Box
  • 1x 95% pre-built Elapor model
  • 2x pre-fitted Permax BL-O 2830-1100 brushless motors
  • 1x MULTIcont BL-30 2 in 1 ESC
  • 2x 8 x 5" propellers
  • 2x aluminum spinners
  • 4x pre-fitted Multiplex Tiny-S servos
  • 1x Vinyl decal set
  • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual
Product Description
Can there be another foamie that’s survived the test of time as well as the venerable TwinStar? We think not. Some of us were flying TwinStars back in the days of brushed motors and NiMH power packs and here it is, still with us, looking even more attractive and flying better than ever. That’s quite an achievement in these days of short shelf-life ARTFs and the run looks set to continue, especially with this latest hugely attractive ND version of the famous twin. Visually overhauled the TwinStar ND retains its forgiving flight characteristics yet offers an aerobatic potential that puts it squarely in the follow-on trainer class which, effectively, makes it suitable for everyone but raw beginners. No-one who’s flown one has a bad word to say about this model and the accolades only increase when the optional float set is fitted.

Produced in premium quality Elapor foam, easy to transport, and powered by a 3S LiPo, practicality and convenience are hallmarks of TwinStar ownership and just two of the reasons why flyers enjoy the model so much. Perhaps it’s time you bought another?

Airplane Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight2.26kg4.98lbs
Product Wingspan1,420mm56in
Completion LevelRR
Experience LevelIntermediate

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