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Multiplex RR FunRacer Orange Edition

Multiplex RR FunRacer Orange Edition


Typically 'Multiplex', the FunRacer provides fast and smooth, adrenaline-fuelled flying from a refined design

SKU: MPX1-00518
Brand: Multiplex
Release Date: Mar 12, 2018
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Key Features
  • Spectacular top speed of over 100mph (165kmh) out-of-the-box
  • Very neutral flight behaviour
  • Orange body with decals applied
  • Transport-friendly with removable wings
  • Easy battery change through canopy hatch
  • High performance brushless motor and ESC
  • Digital metal gearbox servos for elevator, side and aileron already built in
  • Very high degree of prefabrication: mount tailplane, install receiver, fly!
What's in the Box
  • 1x Almost completely factory-built ELAPOR airframe with decals applied.
  • 1x ROXXY Brushless C35-42-1160kV Outrunner Motor
  • 1x ROXXY Brushless-Control 755 S-BEC Speed Controller
  • 1x 10x7in propeller
  • 4x MS-12016 Metal Gear Digital Servos
  • 1x Decal Sheet
Product Description

The outstanding features of this FunRacer are speed, agility and precise control response, all of which are mirrored in this exciting aerobat. If you're capable of handling this level of performance you'll soon have your nose in front when racing and will hold the best cards in a classic race, too!

Noted for its ability to perform advanced, precise aerobatics the FunRacer excels when flying at speed so you'll simply love zooming, diving, and maximum-speed grass cutting passes. Then, when you've finished punching holes in the sky, get some friends together, fit streamers and enjoy the challenge of combat flying. With the aggressive look and sleek lines of a Reno racer you might expect the FunRacer to be tricky at low speed - not at all. The model's slow flight characteristics are superb and landings can be as gentle as you like.


Wingspan (mm):


Length (mm):
Wing area (sq. m): 51
Flying weight (g): 980

Aircraft Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Weight with Battery980g34.57oz
Shipping Weight2.28kg5.03lbs
Product Length885mm34.84in
Product Wingspan920mm36.22in
Product Wing Area19dm2294.50in2
Completion LevelRR
Experience LevelIntermediate-Advanced
Assembly Time15min
Motor/EngineMultiplex ROXXY Brushless C35-42-1160kV Outrunner
ESCMultiplex ROXXY BL-Control 755 S-BEC speed controller

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