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Mission Models Pearl Deep Charcoal, 1oz

Mission Models Pearl Deep Charcoal, 1oz


Release Date: Feb 1, 2022
Key Features
  • Odourless, airbrush or brush ready, water-based premium acrylic paint engineered for scale modellers and graphic artists
  • Triple pigmented for incredible coverage and colour depth
  • Ultra fine high-end lightfast organic pigments for silky smooth and highly detailed airbrushing
  • No additional thinners or reducers for unlimited shelf life* (no more breakdowns, inconsistencies, kick overs) *with proper care and storage
  • Water-based acrylic prevents layer re-wetting when brushing allowing creative layer effects and opacity build-up
  • High quality pigments allow for superb colour blending
  • Wide performance envelope from winter conditions to 105deg Fahrenheit and 90% humidity
  • Combined with Mission Models water-based reducer (thinner) greatly simplifies painting and cleaning, ideal for beginners and professionals
  • Combined with Mission Models water-based Polyurethane Polymix provides an extremely tough, flexible and smooth egg-shell finish
  • Combined with Mission Models water-based primer can be applied on a wide range of surfaces, including plastic kits, lexan, foam, polycarbonate
  • Combined with reducer can be used for scale detail washes and tints
Product Description

Mission Models Pearl and Iridescent paints are very easy to use. Spray over any metallic base coat such as aluminium , silver etc. Feel free to experiment to find the look your after.

We recommend using a .2mm and up needle and nozzle when spraying pearls.

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.05kg0.11lbs
ColourPearl Charcoal

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