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MPC Eagle Deluxe Accessory Pack - (For use with MPC825)

MPC Eagle Deluxe Accessory Pack - (For use with MPC825)


Brand: MPC
Categories:  Spares/Plastic Kits
Release Date: Aug 17, 2017
Spares and Manuals
Product Description
These authentically detailed add-on parts from MPC offer modelers the ability to take their new 22' Space:1999 Eagle Transporter model kit (MPC825) to the next level. These machine-turned aluminium parts feature exquisite quality that cant be approached in injected styrene. The parts are precision tooled to exact in-scale detail and have been polished to a semi-gloss sheen.

Precision aluminium parts
Exquisite detail
Semi-gloss sheen
MKA014/06 Deluxe Accessory Set includes replacement parts for the four primary landing gear struts, four vertical takeoff and landing engine bells, four VTOL lab pod engine bells and four main engine bells.

ALSO AVAILABLE! MKA016/06 Small Metal Parts Set includes sixteen RCS (reaction control system) engine bells, which replace parts to be mounted to the four shoulder pods on the model.

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.23kg0.50lbs

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