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HSD Jets T-45 Goshawk Turbine Foam Jet (PNP + Smoke, no turbine)

HSD Jets T-45 Goshawk Turbine Foam Jet (PNP + Smoke, no turbine)


SKU: HSDA99020200
Brand: HSD Jets
Release Date: Mar 25, 2022
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Key Features
  • Tough and resilient 20 times EPO airframe.
  • Crisp and clean airframe mouldings.
  • Includes MFC-2085 multi-function flight controller.
  • Minimal assembly time.
  • Wing-mounted connector blocks for aileron, flap and light wiring.
  • Scale all-moving tailplane.
  • Pre-finished (painted and decorated) airframe components.
  • Pre-installed jet pipe.
  • Pre-installed fuel system.
  • Pre-fitted UAT.
  • Pre-fitted smoke system.
  • Tail hook with pivot point.
  • Offset flaps.
  • Fully equipped with LED navigation and landing lights.
  • Main wheels equipped with electromagnetic braking.
  • Operational speed brakes.
  • Operational leading edge slats.
  • High strength, 4-point, metal, dual control horns.
  • Industry leading packaging aids storage and prevents transport damage.
What's in the Box
  • 1x Pre-painted and finished two-part EPO fuselage moulding.
  • 1x Pre-painted and finished EPO wing set.
  • 1x Pre-painted and finished composite tailplane set.
  • 1x Pre-painted and finished EPO fin and rudder.
  • 1x Pre-installed, all metal, oleo style electric retractable undercarriage with brakes.
  • 1x Pre-installed aluminium wheel set with durable rubber tyres.
  • 1x Pre-installed fuel system with UAT.
  • 1x Pre-installed smoke system.
  • 1x Pre-installed jet pipe.
  • 1x Wing and tail spar set.
  • 15x Pre-installed metal gear digital servos.
  • 1x Pre-fitted LED navigation and landing light system.
  • 1x Pre-installed Multi-function flight controller.
  • 1x Hardware pack.
  • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
  • 1x Comprehensive ICS instruction manual.

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Approx. Flying Weight10.5kg
Shipping Weight12.00kg26.46lbs
Product Length1,903mm74.9in
Product Wingspan1,502mm59.1in
Completion LevelPNP
Experience LevelAdvanced
Power SourceTurbine

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