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HSD Jets T-33 120mm EDF Foam Jet, Thunderbird (Kit)

HSD Jets T-33 120mm EDF Foam Jet, Thunderbird (Kit)


SKU: HSDA52010300
Brand: HSD Jets
Categories:  RC Models/Aircraft/Jets & EDF
Key Features
  • Light and resilient 35 times EPO airframe.
  • Outstanding mould quality and scale detailing.
  • Pre-finished (painted and decorated) airframe components.
  • High strength, 4-point, metal, dual control horns.
  • Industry leading packaging aids storage and prevents transport damage.
What's in the Box
  • 1x Pre-painted and finished two-part EPO fuselage moulding.
  • 1x Pre-painted and finished EPO wing set.
  • 1x Pre-painted and finished EPO tailplane set.
  • 1x Pre-painted and finished EPO fin and rudder.
  • 1x Pre-painted auxiliary wing tank set.
  • 1x Wing and tail spar set.
  • 1x Alloy main spar retention bracket.
  • 1x Decal sheet.
  • 1x Hardware pack.
  • 1x Instruction manual.

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Approx. Flying Weight16.5lbs
Shipping Weight0.00kg0.00lbs
Product Length1,800mm70.9in
Product Wingspan2,018mm79.4in
Product Wing Area57dm2875.75in2
Completion LevelKit
Experience LevelAdvanced
Power SourceEDF

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