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Guild Lane Chroma Enamel Fuelproof Paint Gloss Silver (125ml Tin)

Guild Lane Chroma Enamel Fuelproof Paint Gloss Silver (125ml Tin)


Specialist fuel resistant flexible enamel paint for model finishing

Brand: Guild Lane
Release Date: Sep 9, 2018
Product Description

The very popular fuel-resistant finishing paint is now available in the Guild Materials fuel resistant Chroma palette. The rich colours apply with ease and leave a superb finish which is why they've been trusted by modellers for decades. All are enamel based and no additional fuel proofer is required for normal fuel usage provided the surface is cleaned after each flying session.

The degree of fuel resistance will depend on the nitro content of the fuel to which it is exposed, with its fuel resistance diminishing with higher nitro content. Wipe off fuel as soon as possible to avoid blistering and always test your fuel on a paint swatch before exposure.

Paint Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.19kg0.42lbs

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