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Dubro E/Z Brake (for 5/32 and 4mm landing gear with DU-BRO Wheels)

Dubro E/Z Brake (for 5/32 and 4mm landing gear with DU-BRO Wheels)


SKU: DUB3370
Brand: Dubro
Release Date: May 22, 2015
Product Description

The easily assembled E/Z Brake will function as a main or nose wheel braking system. This can be very useful in take-offs and landings where you need quicker stops and tighter turns. After the simple installation, an aircrafts receiver can be set up in many ways depending on the pilots preference. A common method would be to attach the brake line to the elevator servo and utilize the trim to engage the brake. The tension can be adjusted so the brake can be on or off or to include more of a range allowing partial braking upon taxiing and turning. The E/Z Brake works with 5/32' (.156') and 4mm landing gear with the following DU-BRO wheels 2.25"-3.5" T, TL, SL, DL, R series

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.02kg0.04lbs

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