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Modelcraft Cordless Folding Lamp (LC8045LED)

Modelcraft Cordless Folding Lamp (LC8045LED)


A slim, energy efficient, rechargable, folding LED lamp for workshop, office, home or caravan.

SKU: 5541530
Brand: Modelcraft
Release Date: Aug 7, 2015
Key Features
  • Dimmable LED task lighting.
  • Night light function.
  • Portable and rechargable.
  • Energy efficient - low heat emission.
  • Hanging slot for wall mounting.
  • Angle-poise head.
What's in the Box
  • 1x Folding LED lamp.
  • 1x Clip-on mini stand.
  • 1x 2m USB cable for connection to laptop of PC.
  • 1x Mains adaptor with USB socket.
Product Description
Be honest, how many times have you fumbled around in the dark looking for a way to throw some light on a buried screw head, a tiny bearing, a circlip, or even a delicate soldering job? When you start to think about it the range of uses for ModelCrafts slim, rechargable, folding, LED task lamp are many and varied. Add the convenience of its anglepoise head, cordless flexibility and battery saving dimmer function and this invaluable tool will quickly become a treasured fixture. Charged in traditional fashion using the supplied mains adaptor, or via the USB lead direct to your PC or laptop, one three hour charge will provide 1.5 hours of light at 100% luminance, 3 hours at 50% and an impressive 8 hours at 10%. Thats a genuinely useful amount of light, indeed given its compact design youll doubtless find uses for your task lamp at home, in the caravan and, of course, in the workshop where you first envisaged. Of course, we haven't even begun to explore the benefits during a power cut!


Height (folded): 268mm
Height (fully extended): 430mm
Reach: 220mm
Lumen: 228Lm

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.66kg1.45lbs
Product Height270mm10.63in
Product Width53mm2.09in
Product Length510mm20.08in

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