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MD Supalite Micro Balloons 250ml

MD Supalite Micro Balloons 250ml


SKU: 5524882
Brand: MD
Categories:  Workbench/Filler
Key Features
  • 290ml bottle
Product Description

A lightweight powder that is compatible with all types of polyester and epoxy resins. The low density structure of the balloons are excellent for incorporation in a wide variety of aeromodelling uses, wing fillets, scale bumps & blisters etc. They are also insoluble in water, which makes them perfect for marine applications. Use as a gap filler, whilst using thin cyano glues & resins & for building fillets or lightweight model features from resins.

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.06kg0.13lbs
Works OnBalsa
Forming Fillets

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