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Model Technics Dynaglo 5 5L

Model Technics Dynaglo 5 5L


Contains 8% EDL2 (synthetic oil) and 2% castor oil (to fine-tune combustion characteristics) . Dynaglo, the first universally successful synthetic oil fuel, has notched up major contest wins all over the world due to the extra power it produces plus the snappy throttling.

SKU: 5515237
Product Description

Model Technics uses carefully engineered ingredients and standards:

  • Methanol - (CH3OH) 99.85% pure. Produced to BSENISO 9002 standard and IMPCA spec and contains less than 0.05% water.
  • NitroMethane - (CH3NO2) 99.95% pure. The best commercially available spec. Does not contain the carcinogen 2-Nitropropane.
  • Anti-foaming - An Anti-Foaming agent is added to fuels.
  • EDL - A synthetic oil developed by Model Technics in 1980 and still under continuous development. Considered to be at the front of synthetic oil technology.
  • Filtration - After mixing fuels are pressure filtered to 1 micron.
  • Castor Oil - (Ricinoleic acid to chemists) Each batch is tested by Model Technics before acceptance. As castor oil is a natural product there are always variations.
  • Klotz Oils - The leading producer of model engine oils in USA. Super Techniplate contains 20% Castor oil while Regular Techniplate is a pure synthetic.
  • ML70 - Produced by G-Max in England, formulated in the early 70s.
  • Iso Propyl Nitrate - Ignition improver for diesel fuels. In world-wide short supply. A must for diesel fuels.
  • Safety - Legal child resistant closures are fitted to all polys.

SICAL additive provides:

  • Uncritical needle settings
  • Reduced head temperatures
  • Consistent smooth running
  • Noticeable power increase
  • Prolonged peak power runs
  • Smooth reliable tickover
  • Strong dependable pick-up
  • Minimal varnish and carbon
  • Superb corrosion protection
  • Extremely long engine life

Fuel Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight4.20kg9.26lbs

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