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Dubro DB826 Snowbird Skis (Nose Undercarriage)

Dubro DB826 Snowbird Skis (Nose Undercarriage)


SKU: 5513826
Brand: Dubro
Release Date: Apr 10, 2012
Product Description

No more seasonal flying!

Du-Bro Snowbird Skis make it possible to fly all year. Easily mounts on airplanes with dural or wire landing gear in about 5 minutes.Snowbird Skis are manufactured out of high density polyethelene. Runners are molded right on the ski for better tracking.Ideal for up to .60 powered aircraft.Featuring a spring loaded design, our Snowbird Skis flex on take-offs and landings yet remain in a positive lock position while in the air.All mounting hardware included.

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.13kg0.29lbs

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Dubro DB825 Snowbird Skis (Main Undercarriage)
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