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SLEC SL47 Thrifty Balsa Stripper

SLEC SL47 Thrifty Balsa Stripper


SKU: 5509365
Brand: SLEC
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Key Features
  • Cut consistently matched strips for your exact requirements
  • Save cost by using sheet stock
  • Save time spent in searching for stock strip in the size you need
  • Spacers provided - 1, 1.8, 2.3, 4.4, 8.3mm.
  • Will cut up to 48ins lengths
Product Description


You can save 50% of your strip wood costs. In some sizes even more.


Your own stocks of balsa can be restricted to sheet sizes only.


Now you can have all your strip wood of equal density, thereby avoiding unduetensions and warps in building. Odd sizes, as found on old foreign plans, can be custom cut. Scratch builders willfind it invaluable.


Prepare a smooth surface and fix the metre long 'U' channel track with the double-sidedtape provided. Formica or similar surfaces need no preparation. Bare wood or dustysurfaces need to be sealed with paint or lacquer. An alternative fixing can beeffected with screws (countersunk). Select the correct spacer shim to correspondwith the size you wish to cut. Place this onto the three location screws, followedby the SWANN MORTON SUPATOOL 'V' blade. Locate the blade into the cover platebefore finally assembling and tightening the terminal nuts. Place a sheet of woodagainst the left hand side of the track, and hold it firmly in place with theleft hand. Place the Blade carrier into the rail and with the right hand, drawit towards/you, remove the cut strip and repeat. Very hard or thick wood can becut by taking several cuts from either side. The packing pieces are calculatedto be able to reproduce all Imperial or Metric sizes up to 1/2 inch.

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.25kg0.55lbs

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