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Dumas San Pedro River Push Tug (30") (1269)

Dumas San Pedro River Push Tug (30") (1269)


SKU: 5501842
Brand: Dumas
Categories:  RC Models/Boats/Kits
Release Date: Feb 12, 2015
Key Features
  • Length - 30"
  • Beam - 12"
  • Scale - 1/32
  • Laser cut frames
  • Die cut PVC
  • Step by step instructions
  • Decals
  • Full size drawing
  • Additional parts required for R/C
Product Description
Our new model of the San Pedro Push Tug is a fine example of the small push tugs used for fleeting barges to and from terminals for line-haul tows. Small in size yet remarkably powerful you can always spot tugs that strictly push by the absence of aft towing bitts. The front staris are designed for easy access from boat to barge. Small, Powerful, and Efficent. The Dumas model of the San Pedro is designed to be a great introduction in scale modeling. The kit features laser and die-cut construction using a combination of poplar lite-ply and expanded PVC. Building process is step by step with enough detail features to bring the model to life. Newer modelers will be impressed with where their efforts take them, while experienced builders will appreciate how the model leaves plenty of room for customization and personal details.

Boat Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight4.37kg9.64lbs

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