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Dumas U.S. Army 74ft St Tug (1256)

Dumas U.S. Army 74ft St Tug (1256)


SKU: 5501710
Brand: Dumas
Categories:  RC Models/Boats/Kits
Release Date: Aug 23, 2012
Key Features
  • 2 piece vaccuum-form plastic hull
  • Beam - 4.75ins
  • Die-cut PVC structure
  • Laser-cut details
  • Length Overall - 18ins
  • Running hardware included
  • Scale - 1/48
  • U. S. Army Tug ST-74 Kit
Product Description

U. S. Army Tug ST-74 Kit

During WWII, the US Army operated a large fleet of ships. The rpimary task was to support the fighting man on the ground. Small harbor tugs, designed as ST, were used in large number by the Army to move ships in port and haul fuel and supply barges.

Boat Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight1.32kg2.91lbs
Completion LevelKit

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