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Seagull EP E-Pioneer Trainer 1.6m (61.4in) (SEA-X9)

Seagull EP E-Pioneer Trainer 1.6m (61.4in) (SEA-X9)


SKU: 5500595
Brand: Seagull
Release Date: Oct 3, 2007
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Key Features
  • 4 channel RC with 5 servos
  • Approx flying weight - 4.0- 4.8lbs (1.8-2.2kg)
  • New Seagull Electric Advanced Trainer
  • Suits battery - JP No.4403730 (3200mAh 11.1 Volts)
  • Suits electric props - 11 x 5.5, 11 x 7, 12 x 6.
  • Suits motor - JP No.4445680 C35-14.
  • Wing area - 606.1sq.ins
  • Wingspan - 61.4ins. (156.0cm)
Product Description

The big brother to the Innovator and with the same 2-piece modular fuselage & tail design. Pragmatic practicality shines through with the trademark Seagull EP ali tube wing joiner plus practical 2-piece plugin wing panels, removable radio and battery hatchesÌÔfeatures that make these models so easy to set up, so easy to adjust on the field that you'll wish all your models were Pragmatically Portable and Magically Modular too!

Aircraft Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight2.20kg4.85lbs
Completion LevelARTF

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