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JP Si 48in Glider Flying Wing (122cm)

JP Si 48in Glider Flying Wing (122cm)


SKU: 5500285
Brand: JP
Release Date: Dec 31, 1998
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Key Features
  • 1 x Roll of tape included only (random colour)
  • Channels - 2 (With Delta Mixing). Servos - 2
  • Weight - approx 624g
  • Wing Area - 2.8 sq.ft
  • Wing loading- 7.5 oz./sq. ft.
  • Wingspan - 48ins (122cm)
Product Description

JP-Si Slope Soaring Flying Wing

Bucket loads of fun with fantastic flying for beginners or experts. An utterly outrageous flying wing requiring just two standard servos and a JP Elevon V/tail mixer (JP part no. 4460520). Fiendishly cunning construction features unbustable EPP combined with moulded foam for stonking durability and blinding speed of assembly (approx. 3 hours).Dazzlingly coloured roll of covering tape is included. When covered with optional fibreglass reinforced Bullet tape, the model is almost unbreakable.
Fly it from the slope in the tiniest zephyr of a breeze or in a howling hooly hurricane.

Slope Soaring Sites

If you are in the South of England then you should find this web site very useful:

Aircraft Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight1.05kg2.32lbs
Product Wingspan1,220mm48.03in
Completion LevelARTF
Experience LevelIntermediate

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