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Seagull Pilatus PC-9 Roulette (40-46) 1.54m (60.6in) (SEA-12)

Seagull Pilatus PC-9 Roulette (40-46) 1.54m (60.6in) (SEA-12)


A semi-scale alternative to a follow-on trainer and a great aerobatic sportster too

SKU: 5500168
Brand: Seagull
Release Date: Apr 24, 2001
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Key Features
  • Approx flying weight 5.5-5.95lbs (2.5-2.7kg)
  • Length - 43.7ins (111cm)
  • Req's - 4-5-channel R/C with 4-5 servos
  • Suits - .40 - .46 two-stroke or .52 four-stroke engines
  • Wing area - 610 sq.ins (37.04sq dm)
  • Wingspan - 60.6ins (154cm)
  • Easily converted to electric power
  • Tricycle undercarriage provides excellent ground handling
What's in the Box
  • Factory-painted fibre glass cowl
  • Factory-built airframe sections finished using genuine Oracover
  • Top hatch allows easy access to the flight battery (if choosing an electric power option)
  • Plug-in wings for convenient storage and transportation
  • Full hardware set including fuel tank, wheels, engine mount, spinner etc.
  • Illustrated step-by-step instruction manual
Product Description

Seagull were the first to bring this great-looking RAAF Roulette Display Team aircraft to the attention of the discerning modeller and this version remains a popular favourite after many years. The smooth flight performance of the original .46-powered model has become legendary, it's fully aerobatic too.

This .46-powered PC-9 is a great choice for those who need a follow-on trainer but with a semi-scale appearance to raise it above the ordinary. Power it the way you prefer, either i.c. or electric!

Aircraft Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight3.10kg6.84lbs
Completion LevelARTF
Experience LevelIntermediate

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