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Seagull Reno YAK 11 Pylon Racer (30cc) 1.7m (67.5in) (SEA-302)

Seagull Reno YAK 11 Pylon Racer (30cc) 1.7m (67.5in) (SEA-302)


Based on the full-size aircraft that races at the famous Reno circuit in the US, Seagull's 20cc warbird spans 1803mm (71"), and is certainly eye-catching!

SKU: 5500029
Brand: Seagull
Model: Reno YAK 11
Release Date: Jun 12, 2018
Key Features
  • Factory covered with Oracover
  • Wing area - 850.3sq.ins (
  • Suits - 20-26cc Petrol/Gas or equivalent
  • Mechanical retractable sprung undercarriage included
  • Large spinner included
  • Electric conversion set included
  • Split flaps
  • Full hardware package included with wheels, fuel tank, engine mount etc.
What's in the Box
  • Full hardware package included with wheels, fuel tank, engine mount etc.
Product Description

If you love the sight and sound of the unlimited class racers tearing round the pylons at the annual Reno gathering in the USA then you'll adore Seagull's Yak-11. It's based on Perestroika, the machine modified from the Russian training aircraft that first flew in 1945.

Seagull's model is built using high-quality, laser-cut balsa and ply to provide an accurate scale outline including an airfoiled tail surfaces. Plug-in wings make for easy assembly at the flying field and a factory-added Oracover scheme accurately represents the racing machine's scheme.

Add a beautiful matching cowl, detailed cockpit and hand-painted pilot and you've a model that's certainly going to turn heads.

A large top hatch provides access to a very roomy interior and will find favour with those who prefer electric power. In that respect Seagull provide their usual motor mounting kit and suggest a 110-size outrunner and 8 or 9 LiPo cells, sufficient to generate some 2000 watts of power.

The model requires 9 servos (each retract has its own servo) while split flaps are fitted and will help slow the model for landing.

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Approx. Flying Weight5.5kg
Shipping Weight8.40kg18.52lbs
Product Length1,388mm54.65in
Product Wingspan1,803mm70.98in
Experience LevelAdvanced

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