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Seagull 188 Cessna 97in (30-38cc) 2.47m (97.3in) (SEA-299)

Seagull 188 Cessna 97in (30-38cc) 2.47m (97.3in) (SEA-299)


SKU: 5500025
Brand: Seagull
Release Date: Nov 27, 2017
Key Features
  • High quality balsa and balsa plywood offer lightweight, state-of-the-art construction
  • Accurate scale outline and appearance, including air-foiled tail surfaces
  • Highly detailed cockpit
  • High quality pre-painted fibreglass cowl
  • Includes strong aluminium landing gear
  • High quality Oracover covering, factory-applied by skilled craftsman
  • Numerous scale details include scale wings struts, spray bar, and corrugated finish on all control surfaces
  • Excellent performance and stability
  • Working drop-hinge flaps add realistic looks and help to slow down landing speed
  • Plug-in 2-piece wing for easier transportation

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Approx. Flying Weight7.6kg
Shipping Weight10.50kg23.15lbs
Product Length1,516.38mm59.7in
Product Wingspan2,468.88mm97.2in
Product Wing Area71.64dm21110.4in2
Experience LevelIntermediate-Advanced

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188 Cessna 97in (30-38cc) 2.47m (97.3in) (SEA-299)
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Seagull 188 Cessna 97in (30-38cc) 2.47m (97.3in) (SEA-299)
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