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SC SC400 64cc 5 Cylinder Radial Ringed Engine

SC SC400 64cc 5 Cylinder Radial Ringed Engine


SKU: 4480700
Brand: SC
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Key Features
  • Bore - 26.50
  • C.C. - 12.8x5
  • Crankshaft Thread - 3/8 UNF
  • Power (kW) -
  • Rec Prop - 22 x 8
  • R.P.M. - 2000-7600
  • Stroke - 23.20
  • Weight - 2800g
Product Description

Exquisitely machined and caringly crafted, this 64cc 5-cylinder radial sets new standards in practical and affordable multi-cylinder model engines.When we fired up our first example, we were impressed with its smooth throttling plus the fabulously quiet and distinctive exhaust note. After half an hour's running the radial turned a 22 x 8 ins Zinger prop at 6,500 rpm, and a massive 24 x 12 Zinger prop at 5,000 rpm! Tickover was a burbling 2,000 rpm.
Undoubtedly, the finest affordable 64cc 5-cylinder radial available today.

Engine Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight5.40kg11.91lbs
Thread Size3⁄8UNF

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