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JP Glo-Start with Meter 55mm-Shaft (Metal)

JP Glo-Start with Meter 55mm-Shaft (Metal)


SKU: 4444535
Brand: JP
Release Date: May 2, 2007
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Key Features
  • Battery Type - Sub-C 1.2v
  • Colour - Anodized Bright Blue
  • JP Glow Starter with Power Meter (without battery)
  • Overall Length - 140mm
  • Probe Length - 55mm
  • Recommended Battery - ENERG-PRO NiMH 1.2V SC-3300H JP-4405250
Product Description

This stylish Glow starter wouldn't look out of place in anyone's field box.As well as being stylish and hardwearing, this Aluminium Glow starter can save you a lot of time because of its handy power meter. It will help in two ways. It can tell you if your Glow Plug has blown and it will also tell you when it needs re-charging. This is another one of those useful tools that you will wonder how you managed without!Designed to take any high power Sub-C cell.

Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.07kg0.15lbs

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