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Hitec D145SW Wide Voltage Slim Wing Servo

Hitec D145SW Wide Voltage Slim Wing Servo


A 32-bit, wide voltage, slim, 10mm digital wing servo that's perfect for gliders and numerous specialist applications

SKU: 2221260
Brand: Hitec
Model: D145SW
Release Date: Mar 10, 2017
Key Features
  • Programmable.
  • 10mm deep.
  • Wide voltage range (4.8 - 7.4V).
  • Twin ball raced output shaft.
  • Steel gears.
  • Digital MOS-FET-Amplifier.
  • 32-bit MCU.
  • 12-bit ADC.
Product Description
A premium digital servo that puts an emphasis on precision and longevity. Boasting a capable 6.0kg of torque at 7.2V this svelte high resolution D-Series marvel is perfect for low profile glider wings, not least because of its ultra-fine response and programming advantages, the latter made possible by 32-bit MCU and 12-bit ADC technology. Offering a wide voltage range (4.8 - 7.4V) the D145SW can be powered direct from a 2S LiPo and adds to a tough steel transmission and twin ball-raced output shaft to an already impressive armoury of features.


Weight (g): 24
Speed at 4.8V (secs / 60deg):0.21
Speed at 6.0V (secs / 60deg):0.17
Speed at 7.4V (secs / 60deg):0.14
Torque at 4.8V ( 4.0
Torque at 6.0V (secs / 60deg):5.0
Torque at 7.4V ( 6.0
Size (mm):37 x 30 x 10
Voltage (V):4.8 / 6.0 / 7.2

Servo Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.07kg0.15lbs
Product Height10mm.39in
Product Width30mm1.18in
Product Length37mm1.45in
ApplicationGlider wing
High speed performance EP wing
SizeSlim Wing

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