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Hitec D930SW Wide Voltage Ultra Torque

Hitec D930SW Wide Voltage Ultra Torque


With its high-end specification the D930SW is a fast, wide voltage, steel gear servo, that offers lasting precision and outstanding durability

SKU: 2221002
Brand: Hitec
Model: D930SW
Release Date: Jul 22, 2016
Product Description

Hitec's tradition of striving to continually advance servo technology has led to the new, hugely desirable, 32-bit resolution D-Series, in which the D930SW takes its place. Faster and more precise than ever before the programmable 930SW Super Speed servo is compatible with voltages of 4.8 to 7.4 and offers a gobsmacking 0.07 sec/60deg at 7.4 volts. That's not the half of it though, check out the full specification then quietly admire its other benefits including high response circuitry, steel gears and a 25-tooth spline. This, then, is a high quality, go-faster, water resistant, workmanlike servo with a lasting precision and durability.

Servo Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.14kg0.31lbs
Product Height37mm1.46in
Product Width20mm0.79in
Product Length40mm1.57in
ApplicationAircraft 20 - 120 Class
All EP 600 - 700 & GP 30 - 90 Class Helicopters
1/10, 1/8, 1/5, 1/4 Scale Car Steering & Throttle
Nitro & Gasoline Boats

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