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Hitec HS8385TH Premium High Voltage (HV) Mon.TQ Magnet Enc. 7.4V

Hitec HS8385TH Premium High Voltage (HV) Mon.TQ Magnet Enc. 7.4V


Ultra Response Servos for your Heli or Vehicle

SKU: 2220700
Brand: Hitec
Model: HS-8385TH
Release Date: Jun 5, 2013
Key Features
  • Titanium gears
  • Ultra high resolution
  • Efficient coreless motors
  • High performance
  • Lightning speed
  • Powerful torque
  • Ultra precise
  • Non-Programmable, Digital Circuitry
  • Optimized Dead Band
  • Standard 25-Tooth Spline
Product Description
Our line of high resolution, high voltage, ultra response servos keeps getting better and better with the introduction of the HS-8385TH. The impressive precision and rapid-fire response of this non-programmable, high torque titan is sure to catch the attention of all giant scale pilots. With a robust titanium gear train, smooth coreless motor, industry-standard 25-tooth spline and dead band optimised for aircraft applications, the HS-8385TH is truly the best of the best.

Servo Technical Specifications

Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight0.15kg0.33lbs
Product Height38mm1.5in
Product Width20mm.79in
Product Length40mm1.57in
ApplicationLarge Scale Air Plane Models

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