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Flash 8

Hitec Flash 8 Tx 2.4GHz AFHSS/SLT 4096 Res. M2

Hitec Flash 8 Tx 2.4GHz AFHSS/SLT 4096 Res. M2


SKU: 2210530
Brand: Hitec
Model: Flash 8
Release Date: Jun 9, 2017
Key Features
  • Generation 2 AFHSS / SLT flexibility.
  • Precise 4096 resolution.
  • Ultra-low latency.
  • Fast 7ms frame rate with Maxima receivers.
  • 30 model memory.
  • 10 character model naming.
  • Acro / Glider / Helicopter programming.
  • Five 3-position and two 2-position switches.
  • Digital push button power switch.
  • Intuitive push-button / jog dial programming interface.
  • Telemetry capability.
  • Easy-read, graphic backlit LCD.
  • Interchangeable stick modes.
  • DCS port (power out) to power VR goggles or head tracking units.
  • Vibration warning mode.
What's in the Box
  • 1x Flash 8 Tx with 1400mAh LiFe battery.
  • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
  • 1x Hitec decal sheet.
  • 1x AC / DC charging adapter.
Product Description
Hitec's impressive radio line continues to grow with the Flash 8! Complementing the success of our popular Flash 7, this latest radio delivers commanding reliability through its expanded performance features and outstanding quick response. Our built-in AFHSS technology provides ultra-low latency, precise 4096 resolution and Secure Link compatibility. Store up to 30 models, enjoy full telemetric functions and customize your flights with extensive programming options. Expand your flying experience today with the Flash 8!

Comprehensive feature list:

System Menu
  • Channel select
  • Trim Step
  • Trainer
  • Sensor (GPS; RPM; Temperature; Battery; Servo; Advanced)
  • Spectra (range checking, binding etc.)
  • Mode Change
  • Management (Used to tailor your Flash 8)

  • Function Menu
    • Servo Reverse
    • Sub Trim
    • Dual Rate and Exponential
    • End Point Adjustment
    • Servo Speed
    • Programmable Mixes (x3)
    • Flight Conditions (x5)
    • Timer (x2)
    • Servo Monitor
    • Throttle Lock

    • Acro and Glider Menu
      • Aileron Differential
      • Elevon Mix (delta wing)
      • V-Tail Mix
      • Ailevator
      • Aileron to Rudder Mix
      • Elevator to Camber Mix
      • Camber Mix (glider only)
      • Flap Control
      • Landing Mix
      • Butterfly Mix (glider only)
      • Gyro
      • Throttle Cut (acro only)
      • Throttle Curve (acro only)

      • Helicopter Menu
        • Flight Condition
        • Throttle Cut
        • Throttle Hold
        • Gyro
        • Revolution Mix
        • Swash to Throttle Mix
        • Swash Mix
        • Throttle Curve
        • Pitch Curve
        • Swash Ring

        • Transmitter Technical Specifications

          Weights & Dimensions
          Shipping Weight1.90kg4.19lbs

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