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Guild Lane
Materials for Makers
Chroma paints


Flying Colours
Specialist aero-modelling fuel resistant and flexible enamel paint with colours like Cub Yellow, Duck Egg Blue, Olive Drab, and PC10. Available in gloss and matt.

Gloss Matt
Metallic effect paints


Gilding enamel
An innovative enamel paint with excellent coverage and a rich finish that is a wonderful alternative to traditional gilding. Available as an acrylic paint or an oil-based chrome.

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Coating Extras

For better finishes
Essential modelling and woodworking coatings for priming, protecting, treating, and finishing wood and coverings. Includes dopes, thinners, banana oil, sanding sealers, and more.

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Modelling and fine craft brushes


When details matter
Perfect for modelling, miniatures, and crafting. Our brushes are carefully selected to suit a range of specialist and general purpose applications, from dope brushes to professional kolinksy.

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Guild Lane is stocked at your local independent model, craft, and art shop. Where it is not possible to visit your local stockists you can find it online at some of these specialist retailers.

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  "Fuel-Proof" vs. "Fuel Resistant" The Chroma paints are called "Fuel Proof" to indicate they can withstand some exposure to certain fuels. Always test the fuel the paint will be exposed to since certain fuels are very caustic and will blister the paint. Wipe the paint down as soon as possible.